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Waterjet cleaning

What is waterjet cleaning?

Waterjet cleaning is a process for the removal of materials, coatings or surface contaminants with the use of a water jet under high pressure. The water is put under a pressure of between 207 to 414 MPa in order to remove coatings, debris and contaminants.

Waterjet cleaning systems are used for various activities such as in the automotive and heavy industries. The system removes, among other things:
fat, glue, epoxies, rubber, composites, paint, coatings, ...

The water jet cleaning process offers many advantages over conventional methods which are used to remove dirt and coatings. Traditional coatings are removed by the use of chemicals. However, chemical removal is expensive, slow and very unfriendly for the environment. Waterjet cleaning is more cost effective and faster than chemical removal. Contact us for more information about the use of water jet cleaning.