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General conditions

Besides special conditions stated on the front of the invoice or purchase order and signed by the customer, following conditions are applicable, solely and exclusively of any other. 

The price quotations and estimates are based on the cost of materials, wages and services, known on the date of the offer. In case of any changes, we reserve the right to modify the price proportionately. Delivery dates are only provided by way of information and do not bind the seller. Delay in delivery does not entitle to any compensation nor the dissolution of the agreement.

Complaints concerning the delivery and performance must reach us in writing within eight days, and in any case, before the use or sale of the goods.

The protest against the invoice must be made in writing within eight days after the invoice date. We insist to indicate on the protest the date and number of the invoice.

All invoices are payable in cash, unless otherwise agreed.

Failure to pay the invoice within the due date shall automatically and without further notice rise the invoice amount with a delay interest of 10% on the invoice amount with a minimum of € 250.

In case of cancellation of the order, the buyer is also dued a fixed compensation of 15% of the value of the order with the same minimum of € 250 and explicitly subject to the possibility of requiring a higher damage.

As long as the goods are not paid, they remain the property of the seller.

In case of dispute, the territorial jurisdiction of the courts or the peace judge are exclusively competent where the seller is operating from its headquarters.

In case of warranty on vehicle, the legal guarantee of one year is given on the rotating engine components, labor hours excluded. An additional commercial guarantee is given for two years if the vehicle comes during three years after purchase date to Bleyaert-truckstar for maintenance and repair. The commercial warranty is void if the above conditions are not respected. The commercial guarantee is given in case of normal use of the vehicle, tear and wear of the vehicle and labour hours not included.

This translation of the general terms is not officially prepared by a translator and does not bound Bleyaert-Truckstar. In case of wrong interpretation, translation or simulars, only the version written in Dutch is valid.